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Piercing Blow India League 2017


Piercing Blow India League 2017

Total 16 teams of PBIL will earn the qualification for the PBNC 2017
The PBNC 2017 will be an Offline Qualifier to select the India National Team for PBIC2017

Detail info

  • REGISTER DUE : 31 Jul, 2017 ~ 20 Aug, 2017 (21Days)
  • MATCH DATE : 00:00/23 Aug, 2017 ~ 17:59/07 Sep, 2017
  • MAP : Downtown / Luxville / Boomcity / Stormtube / Sand Storm / Safe House
  • #Schedule

    >> Registration period: 31st of July ~ 20th of August

    >> Match dates: 23rd of August ~ 10th of September (Tentative dates)

    >> PBNC 2017: 16th of September. 2017



    >> Format: Online League 

    >> Match rule: Top two teams from each group will qualify for PBNC 2017   

    >> Match Point rules: WIN: 3 Points / Draw: 1 Point / Lose: 0 Point

    >> Notice

    - Teams should arrive at the 1st OPEN CHANNEL at least 10 mins before the scheduled match time
    - Only registered teams will be able to participate (New team registration not available)
    - The first 64 teams will participate the PBIL 2017
    - Qualification will be provided in order of arrival (Registration)
    - In case of disqualification of a certain team, the next registered team will ba qualified



    >> Map: Downtown / Luxville / Boomcity / Stormtube / Sand Storm / Safe House

    - Will be selected by RANDOM function when creating each match

    >> Mode: 5 vs 5 Bomb Mission

    >> Team Format: Team Leader + 4 Members (5 Members)

    >> Match Format: 2 Halfs (5 Rounds each)

    - 5 Rounds for each side (Red / Blue)

    - Red / Blue sides will be switched after the first half

    >> Equipment rules: None (All Items & Equipment allowed)

    >>Side selection: The former listed team at the schedule announcement will start from RED



    >> All team leaders will receive a confirmation call from the GMs after the registrition date is over

    >> In case of call receiver is not reachable, such team will be disqualified

    >> Make sure to input a valid TEAM LEADER CONTACT No.

    >> Teams arriving later than 10 MINUTES of the announced match schedule, such team will be counted as LOSE

    >> GMs will be accompanying each teams for every matches (2 GMs per match)

    >> In case of suspicious acts such as illegal program usage is witnessed, such team can be disqualified

    >> In case of disconnection AFTER ENCOUNTER, the match will not be stopped, so each make sure to prepare on all the SETTINGS with caution

  • Flow
    Piercing Blow India League 2017


Piercing Blow India League 2017

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